Sunday, October 21, 2007


I've been working at Domino's since early-mid August and quite ready to quit. I need a job though. I want to apply to Joann's (for the fabric discounts and my friends who work there) but Sushi Land will give me a better opportunity for language and culture (I'll be forced to learn the names of everything) as well as let me get tips. Logically, the best option would be Sushi Land but I want to go to Joann's so badly it's ridiculous. *frustrated*

New thing to add to my list of stuff: Okobo. It's actually ridiculous how much I want those shoes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Making the best of what I must . . .

Had to get this for my Humanities class, so I figured I may as well use it to my advantage. Rather, I needed to create an account on here so I figured a blog might be a good thing to keep. I may post some artwork, but it will likely be a kimono blog, tracking my desired items and my progress in kitsuke (and making various items). Photos will be uploaded later, probably from a camera phone so don't look for quality in those.
I may as well use this to track progress on various costuming and other clothing related projects.

What I am working on:
- Eri Sugata (any hints? I can't get it to lay right, it sticks up too much, even with the eri shin)
- Prom dress
- Cosplay for Sakura-con
- Drain Away!Kyo
- Haru Urara!Isshi
- ? (Probably just kimono, I need to go to an opera later that day and don't want to change)
- Kimono for my father
- (tentative) Nagajuban and Hadajuban

What I want:
- Obi makura
- Obi ita
- Nagajuban
- Hadajuban