Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Making the best of what I must . . .

Had to get this for my Humanities class, so I figured I may as well use it to my advantage. Rather, I needed to create an account on here so I figured a blog might be a good thing to keep. I may post some artwork, but it will likely be a kimono blog, tracking my desired items and my progress in kitsuke (and making various items). Photos will be uploaded later, probably from a camera phone so don't look for quality in those.
I may as well use this to track progress on various costuming and other clothing related projects.

What I am working on:
- Eri Sugata (any hints? I can't get it to lay right, it sticks up too much, even with the eri shin)
- Prom dress
- Cosplay for Sakura-con
- Drain Away!Kyo
- Haru Urara!Isshi
- ? (Probably just kimono, I need to go to an opera later that day and don't want to change)
- Kimono for my father
- (tentative) Nagajuban and Hadajuban

What I want:
- Obi makura
- Obi ita
- Nagajuban
- Hadajuban