Friday, February 26, 2010


Approximately nine months later, I finally come back. (Not that anyone's paying attention...) But in the past nine months, I've reworked a lot of my academic and career goals as well as worked out plans for just about everything that got changed.

Now, my general plan is to transfer winter quarter of next year to a four-year university - most likely UW - and major in biochemistry. If I can swing the classes and if I feel confident enough in my capabilities I will be double majoring in physics as well. Recent occurrences have made me realize how much I missed physics and have also made me remember how much I loved it when I was in high school.

Following graduation, I will hopefully be entering into a graduate program. The preferred program is in bioastronautics through MIT-Harvard HST's Medical Engineering/Medical Physics doctoral program. Of course, that's shooting for the stars with the GRE scores required, but if I miss that, I'll have no problem getting into any of the other programs I want. My other option for bioastronautics would be at University of Colorado, Boulder. I'm hesitant to go to Colorado but who knows. Of course, these aren't the only programs I'm looking into, but they are the ones I want most.

Back to the present, I'll be starting my final quarter of organic chemistry and biology in just over a month along with archaeology. Which will be an interesting change.

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