Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures, yay!

Kimono, kimono everywhere.

My juban. The motifs are cranes. Some are in what appears to be gold leaf and the majority are woven. Purchased at Genji in San Fransisco this past February.

My lovely hanhaba obi. Purchased at Shirokiya two Februaries ago.

Purchased with my hanhaba obi, this is my yukata. The picture doesn't show it well, but it's a golden-brown colour.

My homemade nagoya obi. The fabric was on clearance and I liked the colours. It's heavy fabric, probably intended for upholstry or something similar, but I like this use better. I've never had a chance to wear it before so that's another thing to add to my list of things to do.

Michiyuki purchased from Ryu almost a 9 months ago. Or so. I don't quite remember. I don't know what the motif is, some floral (possibly leaves?) thing. Let me know if you recognize it.

I'm not quite sure where this nagoya obi was purchased. One of my friends brought it back from a school trip to Japan. One side is a really shiny silver, the other is a dusty pink silk. Yet another item I have not yet worn.

I'm pretty sure this is a fukuro obi. But it may be a unfolded nagoya obi. The kind that aren't sewn shut. I don't know. But it's embroidered blue silk using mostly silver and some gold threads. I've worn this with my houmongi before. Once I scan the pictures, I'll post that outfit.

A better picture of the motifs of my houmongi. It's pale blue with purple, green, and white kiku; blue and white ume; as well as orange and white matsu. *love*

The new trunk I got to store my kimono. $7 for a WWII era trunk. I love garage sales.

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