Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New purchases!

Just recently bought two things from Ryu. Firstly, geta. Nice geta that will fit me. Though they may still be a little too big. They're 23 cm and I think I fit a 22 cm shoe. But, that's still better than the ukon geta from Daiso (XD) that fit a 22 - 26 or so. They're huge on me. And they splash dirt up onto the back of my legs. Not quite fun. Secondly, a nagoya obi. Hopefully this one fits me a little better than the silver and pink one. *crosses fingers* I haven't had a chance to measure the silver/pink one yet. (The silver one doesn't quite fit around my waist/ribcage whil still keeping the correct amount of tail. I have an 80 cm ribcage, but it shouldn't alter the fit that much, right?)

In other news, I finished my budget for Japan. I'm going to be so broke when I get back. XD But my father found some cash in an old wallet from when he went to Japan years ago (I think he said about 47,000 ¥, 8D though probably less) that I can bring with. That'll probably cover most of the food for the trip. And subway tickets in Tokyo. XD

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