Monday, August 4, 2008


It's really really really hot. Feels hotter than France, but is probably about 7~10 degrees cooler and twenty times more humid. D: Will update with pictures and full posts when I get back. <333


AureliaDragonfly said...

I'm looking forward to pictures! I hope you're having fun dispite the heat :)


I got a blog thingy just so I could post comments. I love you that much...and then some, of course :)

Rose K. said...

<333 Yay. I just got into Kyoto today and it's just as hot, but it's less humid so it feels cooler. But really, it's just dryer. *laughs*

Aww, thank you!

AureliaDragonfly said...

<3 :)

So what have you been doing? Checking out the hella sexy people? I wanna know what you've been up to over seas! :)
Oh and how's Rai doing? (I think I spelled her name right. Never sure...)
I'm in a very hyper-tired state of mind. Day Camp week. Crazy kids all over the place with Swiss Army knives which is truly frightening to me...I'll stop my ramballing...Maybe read....

Love ya!

Rose K. said...

Well, of course I have. And I found a shop that sells second-hand kimono. <333333! We've mostly gone shopping, and that's what we're doing tomorrow, and then we'll be going off to the sight seeing stuff.

Rae is doing well, not used to traveling and walking everywhere, but we manage. We ate pizza with corn and tuna today. That was interesting...

Good luck with that! Hang in there for me?

Oh! What do you want from Kyoto? Other than pictures. Those everyone is getting.

AureliaDragonfly said...

O.o Pizza is so…not Japanese… as far as my knowledge goes but then again my knowledge on Japan admittedly isn’t that vast. Wait a sec. Corn? As in corn on the cob? On the pizza or as a side? You’re going to say on it, aren’t you?

Day Camp week is now over…I can breathe again! No knife injuries-at least not while they were at my unit.

WE GOT A PUPPY!!! He’s adorable and I love him. His name is Cosmo. :)

Hmmm…Something I can make jewelry out of. And currency, I want to make you a pendant out of yen still.

Rose K. said...

Ooooh, yes. On it. It was delicious. But we would always go there in the morning when I wasn't that hungry...

Awww! Puppy! I want to see!

*nods* I'll keep an eye out for that stuff.