Sunday, August 17, 2008


Pictures from Japan.

Yay for random ordering!

On the train going from Tokyo to Kyoto.

The raven we saw outside the entrance to Shiba-Koen subway station

The view from our room in Kyoto.

Luffy on a vending machine (In the hotel in Kyoto).

Nijo castle.

The shrine near our hotel in Tokyo as seen from the Tokyo Tower.

Again, from the Tokyo Tower.

And again... The next one is what we're supposed to be seeing.

Looking down from Tokyo Tower onto the parking lot.

The little park near the Tokyo hotel. The same one we saw the raven in.

And again.

And again.

Japanese gas station.

Park we saw walking to Tokyo Tower.

The picture explains itself. The flowers were (most likely) for Asagi. They were delivered along with about seven other bunches of flowers during the four hours we were waiting for the doors to open.

Pokemon subway train.


Another Pokemon train. This one we rode on.

The building across the way from our hotel. I couldn't figure out what it was.

First vending machine we ran across, in the airport lobby.

From the Limousine Bus going to the Tokyo hotel (pun not intended).

View from the bus again...

Sideways picture of Tokyo Tower from our room.

That shrine, this time from our room.

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